Our Services


Initial Consultation and Assessment

When you arrive at Pretty Paws for your first appointment your dog's 
skin and coat condition will be assessed and your expectations for
your dog's groom will be discussed.

Clipping and Trimming

We will carry out any clipping and trimming including nails to your requirements,
always bearing in mind the comfort and well being of your dog. We will do this
before bathing your dog, to remove the bulk of the hair. While your dog is being
clipped it will be held securely by a harness under its tummy and by a collar around
its neck which will prevent your dog from falling/jumping off the grooming table and
injuring itself.  Under no circumstances will your dog be left on a table without the
supervision of our staff.  At Pretty Paws the safety of your dog ALWAYS comes first.


We use a specially fitted bath unit in which your dog will be washed with fresh warm water.  
Your dog's skin and coat will then be massaged to lift dirt and dead hair. 
At Pretty Paws we use Mungo's shampoo and conditioner range which is a unique collection of products.  They promote a fantastic looking coat whilst ensuring active care and protection for your dogs' skin and coat.  Manufactured with natural oils and essences, they won't strip a dog's coat of the oils needed to protect it.  A flea rinse can be done if requested (or needed!)


We will dry your dog with a stand dryer (like a hairdryer but with a bit more power) at a cool to medium heat to ensure your dog's comfort.  While your dog is being dried we brush out all the dead hair in the coat and remove any matts and anything else they have picked up in their coat whilst out walking.  


Once your dog is dry we will start to style your dog's hair.  This procedure varies for different breeds or owner's preference. This is done on the grooming table and again your dog will be secured by a harness around it's tummy and collar around it's neck. Once we have achieved the look/style suited to the particular dog, we apply a spray of perfume and a bow (if requested)

Please note while your dog is in the care of Pretty Paws your dog will not be fed.  It will, of course, be provided with a bowl of fresh cold water for refreshment.